Implantable Transmitter

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Quick Overview

Implantable transmitter for long range/lomg term wildlife studies



The Merlin Systems Inplantable Transmitters are designed to be subcutaneously implanted into a Animal.The Transmitters smooth PEEK or other suitable housing contains a cylindrical lithium battery,a transmitter circuit,and a antenna.This is a sealed unit that is turned on/off by a magnet.Built in detection/mortality switch that can be determine if animal stops moving.Normal operating life 18 months but can be set to to operate 2 to 3 years. Please call for details.

Additional Information

Model Implantable Transmitter
Manufacturer Merlin Systems
Weight 42 Grams
Dimensions 7.2"x.69"
Antenna Length N/A
Available Frequencies 138Mhz-225Mhz
Battery Type / Power Source 3.6 volt lithium
Runtime 18 Months/can be programed to run 2 o r3 years
Operating Temperature "-25C to 55C
Warranty 2 Year Warranty-30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee